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The City without.
Jews Foreigners Muslims Refugees


From 30 May to 10 November 2019, the Documentation Centre will show a temporary exhibition entitled ‘The City without. Jews Foreigners Muslims Refugees’ in co-operation with the Jewish Museum Augsburg. The 1924 film ‘The City without Jews’, a satire on the anti-Semitism rife in Vienna at that time based on Hugo Bettauer’s eponymous novel, forms the central theme of the exhibition. Taking particular scenes from the film as its starting point, the exhibition traces the stages in the process of exclusion: from the polarisation of society all the way to the final expulsion of alleged enemies.

The exhibition follows this process during the rise of National Socialism, when anti-Semitic voices demanding the exclusion of Jews became ever louder. In the film the Jews return to their home city – historical reality was very different. Starting with Bettauer’s fiction the exhibition turns to address the real historical repercussions of the persecution of the Jews, which culminated in the Shoah. Examples from the present illustrate how Jews, foreigners, Muslims and refugees are being excluded and made the targets of hostility today. ‘The City without’ thus asks whether and to what extent the division of society during the rise of National Socialism can, should or perhaps indeed must be compared with the situation today.

With its explicit relevance to the present ‘The City without’ is conceived not only as a historical exhibition but also as a contribution to a critical reflection on contemporary social dynamics.

Opening of the exhibition: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 7 pm

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