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Research stations in the Learning Centre

Digital research on individual computers (Photo: Orla Connolly)

Our twenty-four digital research stations allow visitors to access all the content of the permanent exhibition in digital form as well as some of presentations shown at the media tables. In addition, a digital encyclopaedia contains around 900 articles on terminology, historical events and people. You can use the encyclopaedia, which provides a wealth of scholarly information presented in a compact and generally comprehensible form, to do many different kinds of research for individual research.Another medium offering insights into Nazi history are the videos of interviews with contemporary witnesses in which they give moving accounts of their experiences. These videos are available at the Learning Centre’s research stations.



Munich and National Socialism

Our catalogue of the permanent exhibition

on Nazi forced labor

The former forced labor camp at the Ehrenbürgstraße in Neuaubing

Theme history trails

Tours in the footsteps of the history of National Socialism in Munich