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Learning Centre: Using Digital Media to Communicate History

Insight learning centre (Photo: Jens Weber)

The Learning centre (Lernforum) is an area of information and research in the first basement of the NS-Dokumentationszentrum, which is open to all visitors free of charge. In the Learning centre individuals and groups of visitors can concern themselves more closely with all contents of the permanent exhibition and other topics. There is a wide range of information available for both individual research and historical and political education.

Various informative, interactive presentations are accessible at four large media tables, e.g. a presentation of the origins and components of Nazi ideology or the 'nationalist anti-Semitic network of the NSDAP in Munich‘. To make the complex historical contents visually interesting for a broad audience the Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism has cooperated with the Chair of Architectural Informatics TUM Department of Architecture Technical University of Munich and equipped the learning centre with state-of-the-art communication technologies.

Apart from the media tables there are 24 research stations with access to a comprehensive database with some 900 articles on terms, historical events and people. This digital encyclopaedia provides generally comprehensible and clear information of the highest scientific standard.

The research stations of the Learning centre also offer individual access to Nazi history thanks to videos of interviews with witnesses.

The Learning centre also offers a freely accessible reference library with reference books, manuals and a selection of specialist literature on the history of National Socialism in Munich.

Via the Learning centre registered school classes and groups can access the seminar and event area, where we offer an educational programme with seminars, workshops and other event formats..




on Nazi forced labor

The former forced labor camp at the Ehrenbürgstraße in Neuaubing