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The Learning Centre Library (Photo: Orla Connolly)

As well as digital media the Learning Centre also includes a reference library with places to read. The library offers a selection of standard works on National Socialism and more specialised books on the history of Nazism in the Munich area. All publications of the Munich Documentation Centre can on display for viewing here. 

The Augsburg University Library has made part of its ‘Bibliothek der verbrannten Bücher’ (Library of Burned Books) available to the Munich Documentation Centre. Copies of some of the books burned by Nazi groups on 10 May 1933 are on display in a glass cabinet.

All publications of the Munich Documentation Centre are also available in our bookshop on the ground floor. 

on Nazi forced labor

The former forced labor camp at the Ehrenbürgstraße in Neuaubing

Munich and National Socialism

Our catalogue of the permanent exhibition