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The Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism is not an archive, nor does it possess original documents. It does, however, offer visitors some opportunities for research:

– In our Learning Centre you can search for data and facts on people, places and companies. You can also search for terms and concepts from contemporary history and find out more about citizens of Munich who were persecuted by the Nazis. 

– Our reference library offers a selection of standard works on National Socialism with a special focus on books about Munich in the Nazi era.
– In the people search section you will find valuable links to archives and institutions to which you can address your person-related (e.g. genealogical) enquiries.

– Our own book publications also offer more detailed information on particular topics.  








on Nazi forced labor

The former forced labor camp at the Ehrenbürgstraße in Neuaubing

Munich and National Socialism

Our catalogue of the permanent exhibition