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The City Without. Jews Foreigners Muslims Refugees


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01 | Scene from the film ‘The City Without Jews’ (Austria 1924), the Jews being expelled from the city | © Filmarchiv Austria
02 | Photo of a deserted flat in Vienna from the year 1938, taken by the photographer Robert Haas for Jewish families who were being expelled (here the Fuchs family’s flat) | © Wien Museum, Robert Haas estate

The centuries-old anti-Jewish motif of the ‘Jewish swine’ mocks the Jews as ‘unclean’. Even today this attribute is still used in drastic attacks like the one on a restaurant in Chemnitz.

03, 04 | Anti-Semitic chimera figure from a Saxon travelling theatre: one side shows a ‘Jewish trader’, the other a pig, 2nd half of the 19th century | © Münchner Stadtmuseum, Sammlung Puppentheater/Schaustellerei, PS-14776
05 | In winter 2006/2007, unknown persons laid a pig’s head with a ‘Star of David’ in front of the Chemnitz restaurant Schalom. | © Privately owned by Uwe Dziuballa

After the First World War, anti-Semitic propaganda branded the Jews as ‘a foreign race’ that threatened ‘the German people’. Today it is often Islam that is rejected by right-wing parties, thus polarising society.

06 | Handbill, ca. 1919 | © Archiv der Forschungsstelle für Zeitgeschichte in Hamburg, 11-R25_Roth Mappe
07 | ‘Preserve Christian values! Islam does not belong to Bavaria’, election poster of the Bavarian AfD | © Privately owned

The spider is a recurring motif in anti-Semitic propaganda

08 | ‘Sucked dry’, caricature from the Nazi propaganda newspaper ‘Der Stürmer’, February 1930, drawn by
Philipp Rupprecht (‘Fips’) | © Institut für Zeitgeschichte München-Berlin, Archiv, 11/Z 1013
09 | George Soros portrayed as a spider in the web of ‘migration lobbyists’: Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in the NPD party newspaper ‘Deutsche Stimme’ from 18.2.2019 | © Privately owned

The anti-Semitic board game ‘Pogromly’ glorifying Nazism was invented by the NSU terrorists Beate Zschäpe, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt and sold in right-wing circles. The aim of the game is to make the cities named on the board ‘free of Jews’.

10, 11 | ‘Pogromly’, board game, Jena, 1990s | © Verfassungsschutz Thüringen

In 1939, Moriz and Lydia Einstein sent their children Siegbert and Liese to Great Britain on a ‘kindertransport’.
In February 1940, Liese lost her brother to a heart infection. Their parents were deported to Auschwitz in March 1943 and murdered there.

12, 13 | Photograph of Moriz and Lydia Einstein with a dedication for their children on the back: ‘Never let your courage abate and don’t lose faith in God. Only he can reunite us one day. May the Lord protect and keep you. Your loving parents’ | © Privately owned by Liese Fischer, neé Einstein, Silver Spring, Maryland/USA

14 | View of the exhibition
Photo: Jens Weber
15 | View of the exhibition
Photo: Jens Weber
16 | View of the exhibition
Photo: Jens Weber
17 | Detail of the exhibition
Photo: Jens Weber

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