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Munich and the War

1939 | 1945

The third section of the exhibition is devoted to the Second World War and the collapse of the regime and leads into the immediate post-war period. It begins by describing war crimes in which soldiers and police from Munich participated in the occupied territories. A further topic is everyday life in Munich during the war, both that of the “German” population and that of persecuted and discriminated persons.  

The documentation of forced labour as a central instrument of repression in the Nazi state pays special attention to the connection between exploitation and profit, especially in the arms industry. Accounts of courageous acts of resistance make clear that there were opportunities to show moral courage and to refuse to participate in the system of Nazi terror.

This section concludes with the final phase of the regime characterised by brutal acts of terror against members of the opposition and prisoners and finally its complete collapse when the US army invaded Munich on 30 April 1945.

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