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21.05.2019 | 19.00 Uhr


NS-Doku & Literaturhaus

Lecture by Yishai Sarid

The escalation comes at the end of the novel when a tour guide at the memorial site at Treblinka concentration camp punches a man filming a documentary, throwing him to the ground. Prior to this, the guide – a young, nameless first-person narrator and historian – has been talking about his experiences during the numerous tours that he has done through Yad Vashem, Majdanek and the Treblinka and Auschwitz memorial sites. He describes how people deal with the memory of the Holocaust. He asks about the connection between the Jews of that time and the Israelis today, about the glorification of power and about what turns human beings into murderers. And he observes school groups wrapping themselves in flags while he tries to penetrate their “thoughts busy with the flicker of mobile phones”. He talks about ritualised mental reflexes, about a culture of Holocaust kitsch, about ignorance and about the instrumentalisation of history by state institutions. He observes how everyone thinks they can identify above all one thing in the atrocities of history: a benefit for themselves.

Yishai Sarid is a lawyer and one of Israel’s best-known authors. In a discussion with Mirjam Zadoff (NS-Dokumentationszentrum München), he talks about ingrained ways of thinking, about apparently taboo questions and about the need for a new culture of memory.

The lecture and discussion will be in English.

Venue NS-Dokumentationszentrum München, Auditorium

Entrance free

Organiser NS-Dokumentationszentrum München in cooperation with Literaturhaus München

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