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Social Media Action on International Museum Day
19 May 2019, 10am–7pm

Ask our historians!

A visit to the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism causes people to reflect, raises questions and offers many points of reference for discussion. On International Museum Day, visitors will have a special opportunity to address their questions about the content of the exhibition directly to our historians.

Just tweet your questions to us using the hashtag #asknsdoku during your visit to the museum. We will then answer them directly – live and online – between 10am and 7pm. Even if you don’t have a twitter account you can join in by writing your question on a post-it in the foyer. Here you will also be able to read the answers tweeted in the course of the day via @nsdoku.

We look forward to your questions and to an exciting exchange.

The Munich NS-Documentation Centre on twitter:
@nsdoku | | #asknsdoku

The permanent exhibition of the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism

Where did National Socialism and its ideology come from? How did Hitler come to power and why did democracy fail? What led to exclusion, war and extermination? Can we learn lessons from the catastrophe of National Socialism? These are questions that have been occupying historians for decades and they still concern us today. It is precisely such questions that the Munich Documentation Centre addresses in its permanent exhibition.

Photographs, documents, texts, film projections and media stations are used to illuminate the origins and rise of National Socialism in Munich, the special role of the city in the Nazi dictatorship’s system of terror and the difficulties Munich has had in dealing with the past since 1945. Biographies illustrate the motifs of Nazi perpetrators and victims, Nazi hangers-on and members of the resistance and the degree of latitude they had in their actions. The large windows allow visual reference to be made to the architectural relics of the Nazi era, making these authentic locations part of the documentation.

On International Museum Day admission is free.

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