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Our seminars lasting two days

From Munich to Dachau – tracing the path

In cooperation with the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site

“You’re not responsible for what happened. But most certainly for it not happening again.”

Both the city of Munich and the Dachau concentration camp were of great importance for National Socialism. It was in Munich that the rise of Nazi movement began after the First World War, ultimately resulting in the establishment of a dictatorship. Set up in 1933, the concentration camp at Dachau became the model for all later concentration camps. Over two seminar days, the participants study the history of both locations and their connections. The seminar includes tours and site inspections in Munich’s inner city and on the grounds of the Dachau Memorial Site. The workshop activities in small groups focus on the persecution of the political opponents of the Nazi regime. The participants follow the path taken by those arrested in Munich to their imprisonment in Dachau.

Target group: former school classes and adults
For up to 15 persons (larger groups are split)
Duration: two days from 9 am to 5 pm


Please direct any book inquiries you may have for our seminars to us per e-mail: vermittlung.nsdoku (at) You can also contact us by telephone at: +49-89 233 67007

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