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Seminar: “Because we’re Sinti…” – the story of Hugo Höllenreiner

Sinti and Roma were racially persecuted in the Nazi era. Many of them were murdered in the concentration and extermination camps. After 1945 discrimination against the survivors continued. It was first in the 1980s that the Sinti and Roma civil rights movement was able to gain recognition for the injustices suffered and mark initial successes against the ongoing discrimination. The seminar looks at the history of the persecution of Sinti and Roma in the Nazi era, taking the life of the Munich Sinto Hugo Höllenreiner as an example.

Target group: school classes from the 9th form upwards (middle and grammar schools, other school types upon request) and adults
For up to 15 persons (larger groups are split)
Duration: full day from 9 am to 5 pm


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