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Our Full-day seminars

Why Munich?
Origins and rise of National Socialism

Taking the unique situation in Munich after the First World War as its starting point, this seminar looks at how the city became a gathering point for right-wing extremist groups.
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Munich – the ‘Capital of the Movement’

The seminar analyses Munich’s importance for the history of National Socialism, from the founding of the Nazi Party through to the regime phase.
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Fascination, persecution, resistance – youth in National Socialism

The seminar looks at childhood and youth under Nazi rule from a variety of perspectives.
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Exclusion, persecution, survival – a meeting with the contemporary witness Ernst Grube

Participants learn about the life of Ernst Grube, a contemporary witness who was born in Munich in 1932 and persecuted as a Jew during the Nazi period.
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“Because we’re Sinti…” –
The story of Hugo Höllenreiner

The seminar looks at the persecution of Sinti and Roma in National Socialism, focusing on the example of Hugo Höllenreiner, a Munich Sinto.
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Administration and responsibility –
How the city administration cooperated in National Socialist crimes

The seminar takes a look at the structure and working of the Munich city administration during the Nazi dictatorship.
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“Executing the will of the leadership” –
Munich’s police and National Socialism

The seminar examines the relationship between the Munich police authority and the Nazis, shedding light on organisational structures and individuals as well as identifying continuity and change after 1945.
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The culture of remembrance in Munich –
On dealing with the National Socialist past

A seminar on the history of how National Socialism and its repercussions were dealt with, from the immediate post-war years through to the present day.
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