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Workshop, 2016 | Photo: Orla Connolly

Educational offers


Owing to the current situation, we can only offer limited programmes and tours for groups at the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism. There are currently no further training courses for multipliers. If you are interested in a webinar or an on-site workshop, please contact us.

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> Further training for teachers
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You would like to book one of our programmes or tours?

Martin Zehetmayr | buchung.nsdoku (at) | T +49 89 233-67007

You have questions about our educational programmes and tours?
Dr. Thomas Rink | vermittlung.nsdoku (at) | T + 49 89 233-67049

Educational concept

The NS-Dokumentationszentrum offers a broad programme of historical and political education. The basic principle of the educational concept is recognising, learning and understanding at a historic site. The educational programme is highly diverse with topics and formats tailored to different target groups.
A special concern of our educational work is to enhance the awareness of visitors to the significance of the topics handled for their own lives. Questions like "What does this have to do with me?" are central to the approach and are addressed based on the communication of historic knowledge. Learning is understood as an active process which encourages discussion and opinion formation and calls for responsible actions also in view of current threats. All educational formats create links with the present and so contribute toward political education.

Target groups and formats

The educational programme of the  Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism was launched in July 2015 and since then has been very well received by school classes, multipliers and groups. The range of educational work includes tours, seminars, advanced training and much more. The topics and formats are tailored to different target groups:
- Individual visitors
- School classes (5th to 6th class, different types of schools)
- School classes (9th to 12th class, different types of schools)
- Students
- Tourists
- Multipliers
- Professional groups
- Adult education groups
- People with disabilities
- People with learning difficulties
- Families and groups with children of 10 years and up

Individual offers for groups

Over and above the regular service groups have the option of having an individual programme put together for them. Some of the programmes can also be booked in 'simpler language' or in foreign languages.
The educational programme also includes special projects, which we implement with diverse educational and cultural partners, such as schools (project and scientific seminars), cultural initiatives or social centres.
You can mail us your requests for an individually designed educational programme or project proposal to (bildung.nsdoku (at) Our contact persons will also be pleased to offer you a personal consultation.

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Due to the increasing number of corona infections in Germany, the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism is temporarily closed. Unfortunately no tours or events for groups can take place on site at the moment.

You would like to book one of our program or tours?

Martin Zehetmayr

T | +49 89 233-67007

You have questions our educational program and tours?

Elisabeth Schulte

T | +49 89 233-82652

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