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The ‚Brown House‘ at the Königsplatz

The 'Brown House', 1934 (Photo: Stadtarchiv München)

The NSDAP Party headquarters

On the site of today's NS-Dokumentationszentrum München a classicist villa, the so-called Palais Barlow, had stood since 1829. In 1930 the NSDAP bought the building and had it extensively reconstructed by the architect Paul Ludwig Troost. In 1931 the Party made this its headquarters  and moved here from a rear building in Schellingstraße. The noble location matched the growing representative demands of the Party.

The 'NSDAP Reich Leadership' settled into the palais, which soon became known as the 'Brown House'. Hitler's office, that of his private secretary Rudolf Heß, the 'Storm Battalion Leadership', the 'SS Leadership' and the 'Reich Press Office' of the NSDAP, among others were all to be found here. A 'Flag Hall' and a 'Banner Hall' were used for Party cult. The democratic press mocked the new Party headquarters as 'Delusions of grandeur palais' and 'Nazi bonzes palace'.

After the National Socialists seized power in 1933 political opponents were imprisoned and tortured in the cellars of the 'Brown House'. An extensive administrative district of central and subsidiary Party offices developed in the neighbourhood.

In 1937 the newly constructed 'Führer building' in Arcisstraße took over the function of power headquarters. The Party's growing administrative organisation progressively transferred to buildings in the area. But the 'Brown House' continued to be an important site of National Socialist propaganda.

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