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Art in Architecture: Brienner 45

The Art in Architecture Project, April 2015 (Credit: Benjamin and Emanuel Heisenberg; Photo: Orla Connolly)

The media art project "Brienner 45" was created by the brothers Benjamin and Emanuel Heisenberg in collaboration with Elisophie Eulenburg for the outdoor area of the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism. Within the scope of the city's "Kunst am Bau" programme the Cultural Department of the state capital advertised an art competition for the museum. National and international artists participated in the competition entitled "Reasons for the rise of National Socialism in Munich – consequences for the present and future".

The contribution by the brothers Benjamin and Emanuel Heisenberg won the competition. Their concept is built around film collages, in which texts from key documents of the Nazi era confront historic and contemporary photos. The film clips are shown on monitors which are scattered around the outdoor area of the museum like the remains of walls. The installation calls the attention of passersby, visitors and local residents to the historical significance of the site.

The jury praised the brothers' artistic approach, which deconstructs Nazi semantics by making contradictions visible and creating irritating connections with the present. The jury found that the successful artistic implementation of an innovative narrative form is extremely demanding and at the same time has a strong emotional effect. The "pro­ductive irritation of customary ways of thinking and seeing" forces the observer to approach the topic from a different angle.

Visualization of Brienner 45 (Credit: Benjamin und Emanuel Heisenberg)

The director, author and artist Benjamin Heisenberg (born in 1974 in Tübingen) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Film and Television in Munich. The focus of his artistic work lies in films and videos, for which he has won numerous awards including the Max Ophüls Prize in 2006, the Bavarian Film Prize in 2010 and the Austrian Film Prize in 2011.

The entrepreneur and author Emanuel Heisenberg (born in 1977 in Würzburg) has done research on the topic of National Socialism as an economic historian.

Elisophie Eulenburg (born in 1983 in Bonn) studied art at the University of the Arts in Berlin, the Central Saint Martin's College Of  Art and Design in London and Cooper Union College in New York. Her photography, videos and sculptures have been shown at numerous international exhibitions.

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