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View of the Munich Documentation Centre, 2020 | photo: Connolly Weber

Our missiom

The Munich Documentation Centre communicates the history of National Socialism with reference to the present and the future. Our exhibitions, events, workshops, seminars and tours are designed to place the historical experience of the Nazi dictatorship in a contemporary context.  

Nazi ideology and Nazi crimes form the starting point for our work. The role of Munich as the place where the Nazi Party originated and where it had its headquarters is of special significance here. War and genocide, racism and anti-Semitism, exclusion and flight are also central points of focus. 

The Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism is an international venue whose doors are open in many directions. It offers a communicative space of encounter to a wide range of people and disciplines. Many of our projects involve a variety of partners from the fields of education, scholarship, remembrance work, art and culture.

Our work aims to sensitise people to the impact and consequences of National Socialism. At the same time, we seek to raise public awareness of the positive things that have been achieved since the defeat of the Nazi dictatorship: a liberal democracy, human rights, a united Europe and a lively remembrance discourse. Future visions of how we will live together as a society can emerge out of the experience of history. This is a process that will never be finished but must be regenerated time and again.

We are committed to the principles of diversity, equality, respect and inclusion. We counter nationalist, revisionist and right-wing extremist tendencies with knowledge, creativity and optimism.