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During the formative phase of the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism two boards helped to prepare the ground for the new Documentation Centre: a Board of Trustees and a Scientific Advisory Board. From 2005 these were joined by a Political Advisory Board. 

Following the successful conclusion of the founding phase and the consolidation of the Documentation Centre under a new director, these boards deemed their work to have been accomplished and dissolved themselves at the end of April 2020.

Now Munich’s city council has decided that a new Board of Trustees should be appointed to assist the Documentation Centre in its work and to support it in realising its mission. 

Ever since its founding, the Documentation Centre has espoused the principles of diversity, equality, respect and inclusion. These are reflected in the composition of the Board of Trustees whose members work on a voluntary basis. 

The new Board of Trustees is currently in the process of being established and will comprise members of former boards and cooperation partners at the federal, state and municipal levels as well as representatives of religious communities and victims groups and members of civil society. The membership structure will be decided initially for a period of three years.

Munich and National Socialism

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