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Social Media

In digital space the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism informs visitors to its website about exhibitions, events, educational programmes, publications and the history of the Centre itself. The website is the centrepiece of our digital communications and provides an overview of the Centre’s presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as well as of other digital products and events formats. As a place of learning the Documentation Centre would like to encourage the public to concern themselves with the history of the Nazi era outside the centre too and for this purpose uses mainly the hashtag #nsdoku, supplemented by other tags for current exhibitions or events.

On its Facebook page, launched in November 2017, the Documentation Centre informs visitors about regular postings about current exhibitions, events, themes and dates. We also introduce the actors of the centre and allow visitors a glimpse behind the scenes.


Twitter is a means of communication for us and we interact with national and international formats. We are happy to engage in discourse on various themes and to answer questions from the public. Please use the hashtag #nsdoku, which we continually monitor, or else address your questions directly to us @nsdoku.

In 2017, we also started using Instagram as a channel for visual impressions and to convey the everyday atmosphere at the Centre. Here too we monitor the hashtag #nsdoku


Our YouTube channel went online at the beginning of 2019. We use YouTube to publicise recordings of our public evening events and to post videos of our permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as to realize online events.


A netiquette lays out the principles of interaction and contribution on our social media channels and platforms, which are based on respect and relevance. We kindly ask all users to adhere to these principles. You can find out more > here.

Theme history trails

Tours in the footsteps of the history of National Socialism in Munich

on Nazi forced labor

The former forced labor camp at the Ehrenbürgstraße in Neuaubing