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Publications regarding the permanent exhibition of the NS-Dokumentationszentrum

Munich and National Socialism: Catalogue to the permanent exhibition


Munich is associated with the rise of National Socialism like no other city. After the First World War, the ‘National Socialist German Workers´ Party‘ (NSDAP) emerged from anti-Semitic and radical right-wing circles in the Bavarian capital with Adolf Hitler becoming its leading figure.

The Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism occupies the site of the former party headquarters on Königsplatz and illuminates the Nazi history of the city. Its permanent exhibit, with plentiful new material, presents the history of National Socialism in Munich, the special role of the city in the system of terror, and the difficulties in dealing with this past since 1945. This book encompasses the texts and images of the permanent exhibit as well as 23 accompanying essays by renowned historians, making it also an illustrated history of the ‘Third Reich‘ based on the very latest research.


The museum's editon of the catalogue ist available in our Bookshop, the hardback issue at the publisher C.H. Beck and at retail.




Besides the catalogue we have published a brief guide, which guides through the exhibition by following the 33 guiding themes. The book is available in ten languages (German, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic) and as accompanying booklet in "Easy to Read".

The brief guide is available in our bookshop.

Special exhibition catalogues and other publications

Distanz und Nähe zugleich? Die christlichen Kirchen im „Dritten Reich“

Waren die christlichen Kirchen dem NS-Regime gegenüber resistent, passten sie sich an oder kollaborierten sie? Zeit­historiker diskutieren diese Fragen bis heute kontrovers. Der Tagungs­band leistet einen aktuellen, differenzierten Beitrag zu diesem umstrittenen Forschungs­feld.

Distanz und Nähe zugleich? Die christlichen Kirchen im „Dritten Reich“, im Auftrag des NS-Dokumentationszentrums München hrsg. von F. W. Graf und H. G. Hockerts. Mit Beiträ­gen von Th. Großbölting, Ch. Kuller, D. Burkard, F. Wilhelm Graf, H. Ch. Brennecke, A. Wirsching, M. E. Ruff und A. Schildt, München 2017, Preis: 24 Euro, ISBN: 978-3-946041-17-7.

Stadt und Erinnerung. Auseinandersetzung mit dem National­sozialismus in Berlin

Stadt und Erinnerung. Auseinandersetzung mit dem National­sozialismus in Berlin, Hamburg und München, hrsg. von Winfried Nerdinger, München 2017, Preis: 18 Euro, ISBN: 978-3-946041-15-3.

Catalogue to the special exhibition: Sticky messages. Anti-Semitic and Racist Stickers from 1880 to the Present

The German exhibition catalogue (€ 18.00) is available in our bookshop.

Catalogue to the Special exhibition: The persecution of the Sinti and Roma in Munich and Bavarian 1933-1945

The German exhibition catalogue (€ 28.00) is available in our bookshop.

Catalogue to the Special exhibition: Adolf Frankl - Art against oblivion

The German exhibition catalogue (€ 20.00) is available in our bookshop.

Catalogue to the special exhibition: registered, persecuted, annihilated. The Sick and the Disabled under National Socialisminderte Menschen im Nationalsozialismus

Catalogue to the special exhibition “The Warsaw Rising 1944”

The exhibition “The Warsaw Rising 1944” was the second temporary exhibition to feature at the Documentation Centre, running from October 29, 2015 to February 28, 2016. The catalogue covers all the topics dealt with in the exhibition and includes additional introductions and essays, for example by Federal President Joachim Gauck and Richard von Weizsäcker.The exhibition catalogue (German/English) is available in our bookshop (€ 15.00).



Catalogue to the special exhibition: Showing the Unspeakable. Artists as Witnesses 1914-1945

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