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Keeping the Memory Alive. Slave and forced labourers of the Third Reich from Poland 1939–1945


From 14 September to 29 October 2017 the exhibition „Keeping the Memory Alive: Slave and Forced Labourers from Poland during the Third Reich 1939–1945“ is on show at the Munich Documentation Centre. The exhibition is the result of a cooperation between the Foundation for Polish-German Reconciliation and the Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Centre in Berlin-Schöneweide. The story of the inhumane system of forced labour is told through individual fates. Reconstructed using a combination of photographs, documents and personal accounts, these biographies testify to the exploitation and suffering endured by the almost three million Polish slave and forced labourers under the Nazi regime. A separate section of the exhibition is devoted to the history of the preserved forced labour camp in the Munich suburb of Neuaubing, where a branch of the NS-Dokumentationszentrum München will be established over the next years.


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